Biblical Hebrew and Modern Technology, April, 2009

Step 1: Right click on the download links and  “Save As..” Place all of these files in the same folder on your computer:

File 1: Download the EXE file

File 2: Download the Lexicon file

File 3: Read the User Manual and Sample Translations

Step 2: Install the right fonts and keyboard drivers.  Read here for more instructions.

Text Box:               Stephen S. Rives, Midwestern Seminary
Text Box: Software to Help Build English-to-Hebrew Skills  
For use with Weingreen’s, Practical Grammar for Classical Hebrew.
Text Box: Step 1: Type English
Text Box: Step 2: Press Tab
Text Box: Step 3: Type Hebrew
Text Box: Step 4: Press Tab and you are taken back to Step 1
Text Box: Follow Steps 1 thorough 4, for each word then collect your completed Hebrew Sentence