Genesis Research: Table of Contents


Moses’ book is a complex structure packed with levels, corridors, rooms, windows and corners. To help me maintain some control over the material related to Genesis, I decided to use this space to categorize eight areas of research with links to articles.

Some of the articles are still in process, and some are more general than the associated category, and some have no articles yet written. The areas of research and the corresponding articles are as follows:

1. The Genesis manuscripts (contained in my annotated OT manuscript list)
2. The Hebrew vocabulary and translation issues in Genesis
3. The Hebrew grammar of Genesis (being a subset of Hebrew Grammar in General)
4. The literary structure of Genesis
5. The historical context in which Genesis was written
6. The debates surrounding Genesis (starting with the documentary hypothesis)
7. The history of interpretation of Genesis (annotated Genesis bibliography)
8. The light of Jesus upon Genesis (developing under the God on Trial series).

These are elements that don’t lend themselves to direct placement in a sermon, even as they do inform upon my preaching and teaching (and which may be useful for public consumption or your own research).

Note: This Table of Contents changes with time as I add more links and do research.

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