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P46 New Testament Greek

The New Testament is a compiled collection of ancient books and letters.  The original copies of those books and letters are lost.  However, we have copies that date close to the time of the originals.  In fact, we have so many ancient manuscripts, that a numbering system was invented to inventory all the various scraps and scrolls.  I want to show you one of the more important of these manuscripts.

P46 is an early copy of Paulís letters. P stands for papyrus (the material written upon), and 46 is a number that researches have assigned to distinguish it from other New Testament manuscripts. This manuscript dates to the 200s. I have uploaded images of this manuscript for your inspection (these photos are indexed by letter). Click here to view large digital images of P46.

The University of Michigan provides a scientific window into this important papyrus. Click here to use their new software ó a clever tool which allows one to isolate the Greek.

P46 Romans 8