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A Free OpenSSL Visual C++ Object: Part 2

This is Part 2 in a series about integrating OpenSSL into an existing C++ project.  In Part 1 I presented a scenario that would necessitate such integration and I outlined the contours of the problem.  

In essence, the goal of adding OpenSSL to a project is to add the “S” to your C++ based HTTP server — thus getting you an HTTPS server.  I wanted to use this second post to give source code, but before that I need to step you through the install and build process of OpenSSL.  In a future installment, I will present the C++ object which will be downloadable.  

This seris is made possible because of the graciousness of Power Admin; the final project will be available on their web site.  Included in that release are the scripts for Certificate use and generation via a Certificate Authority.  

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Adding OpenSSL to an existing Visual C++ Socket Program in C++

Your boss comes into your office and says she wants to support encrypted communications over your HTTP server. She wants your company web site to use HTTPS instead of HTTP. Among other things, they need to handle credit card transactions and the encrypted transmission of user information across the internet. And she wants it written in-house and integrated into the current C++ code base.

If you have been assigned such a task, I am writing for you.

In the next series of articles, I am going to show you how I started with scant knowledge of OpenSSL and wrote a C++ object that allows one to slap SSL (a Secure Sockets Layer) on top of any existing Visual C++ socket code. By the end of this series, I am going to give you the source code.

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