Fractions for Kids

Sometimes we need to come down to earth.  And in this post, I propose we get back to the mathematical tera-firma of fractions.  That’s right, basic fractions are the subject of this otherwise erudite blog.

Parents: Teach your kids Fractions!  I don’t care if they are in Calculus or Algebra I, get them back into fractions.  Fractions are critical, and kids forget the basics with time.  Don’t wait till the ACT to have them review fractions, get them started now.

Here’s a place to start:

Painless Fractions (Painless Series) Painless Fractions by Alyece Cummings

My review

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Even kids in Calculus need to review their fractions. All parents need to keep a book like this close at hand. I am making my daughter work through this while she is in Algebra II. Having taught Algebra II, I assure you, those kids don’t know fractions nearly as well as they should. Fractions need to be second nature, and they are not because we teach them when the kids are young, then move on. This is an easy read, so it is not hard for your kids to work through this. I worked through sections at random and found all of it quite plain and even a little fun.

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